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Audi: Interview with Stefan Sielaff about intelligent design and Audi’s rivals

Stefan Sielaff
Interesting interview here with Stefan Sielaff, head of design at Audi.

Q . Most car designers benchmark Audi. Whom do you benchmark?

A . We look at what the other high-end manufacturers are doing: Aston Martin, Bentley. Within the VW group, I love Bentley and Lamborghini.

Outside the VW group, I have to say Aston Martin. They are doing very emotional products, with good design quality.

Land Rover is also a brand I like. I like the authenticity and clean design language.

If you look at BMW and Mercedes, they’re doing baroque cars and baroque interiors, very heavy and overdecorated. I don’t want a heavy or bulky interior.

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Source: Detroit News