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Audi Q5: 408hp 3.0T-powered custom mod at Woerthersee festival

Audi Q5
Audi will display an awesome mod of the Audi Q5 at the Woerthersee tuning festival this year. Have a close look!

• Customized Audi Q5 custom concept prepared for event
• Audi showing 20 cars – from TT RS and R8 to A1 concept
• “Audi Customizing Club” idea contest for accessories
• 3,000 square meter stand dedicated to “100 years of Audi”

Each year Wörthersee plays host to the now legendary GTI meet, at which auto enthusiasts and of course Audi fans from throughout Europe come together. AUDI AG once again has its own stand at this extraordinary event. The brand’s appearance at the 28th Wörthersee Tour (from May 20-23) in Reifnitz, Kärnten (Austria), is dedicated to the centennial celebration “100 years of Audi.” In addition to historic models from various decades, the Ingolstadt carmaker is featuring showcase vehicles such as the Audi TT RS, the Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro and the Audi A1 Sportback. As a special highlight for the event at Wörthersee, Audi has prepared a customized Audi Q5 with 21-inch wheels, wider track, lowered ride height, a special paint finish and a power-enhanced 3.0 TFSI engine: the Audi Q5 custom concept.

This is Audi’s third official appearance at the Wörthersee Tour. Among the events planned for the roughly 3,000 square meter stand on the south bank of the lake is the launch of an exclusive online idea contest for Audi accessories – the “Audi Customizing Club”.

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Source: Fourtitude