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Audi Q5 Hybrid: Coming in the near future!

Audi Q5 Hybrid
Again, the Audi Q5 has been confirmed for the “near future”.

Audi’s on again-off again hybrid program appears to be back on again and it looks like the new Q5 mid-size crossover will be the first application. Previously, we’ve been told by Audi officials that a Q5 hybrid would launch sometime later in 2010 and Stadler confirmed that it is coming in the “near future.”

Audi will also continue developing its turbocharged and direct injected gas and diesel engines for the foreseeable future as well as reducing the mass of the vehicles they are mounted in. While Audi will make efforts to build the company’s knowledge base of electric propulsion, Stadler declared that it will years before affordable electric vehicles that meet mainstream customer needs are available.

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Source: Autoblog Green