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Audi S4: Drive report from down under

Audi S4
Nice test drive report of the Audi S4 from down under.

On paper, the raw numbers suggest the change from eight cylinders to six has made little difference. Power is down a mere 8kW, while torque is up by 30Nm to 440Nm, thanks to Audi’s first supercharger since the 1930s.

They’re impressive figures for a car that uses less fuel than a four-cylinder Toyota Camry – and almost a quarter less than the previous S4.

The new car is almost half a second quicker in the 0-100km/h sprint, thanks mainly to the extra torque and the new seven-speed twin-clutch automatic, which changes gears quicker than most drivers can select them manually.

It’s also quicker through corners, with the lighter V6 helping the car’s balance and poise in the twisty stuff.

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Source: Drive