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Audi S4: Raising the benchmark for handling dynamics

Audi S4
The new Audi S4 is definitely one of the best cars in current Audi line-up. Read on why!

With its new active sport differential, Audi elevates the road dynamics of the new S4 quattro to a new level. A unique electronic regulating system distributes torque from the engine in continuously variable proportions left and right between the rear wheels, the resulting controlled power flow enabling the car to take corners even more responsively, and to retain its directional stability for considerably longer. With its help the potential for adjustment of the cornering line is much increased and understeer effectively becomes a thing of the past.

Audi has brought together a sequence of engineering and design advances for the first time in the new S4 using unique technology to effect a transformation in the car’s approach to high speed handling. The longer wheelbase of the latest A4 range and its forward mounted axle are the first and second elements, and help to establish the well-balanced basis of the chassis layout. Thirdly, a more advanced 40:60(front/rear) power distribution via quattro contributes to handling poise.

For the fourth stage Audi then adds its unique and advanced drive select system enabling the driver to select comfort-oriented or more dynamic settings influencing throttle, steering and suspension response to suit widely varying individual preferences. The most notable advance within drive select is the ability to increase effective steering rack speed.

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Source: Fourtitude