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Audi TTS: Awesome mod found in front of AUDI AG’s headquarters

Audi TTS
Audi AG’s headquarters usually plays hosts for the greatest and latest in their model line-up and this jaw-dropping Audi TTS is no exception. Have a look!

The car’s pearlescent white paint is believed to the the Lamborghini color Bianco Canopus, and it also harkens back to the popular Audi pearl white colors of the 80s and 90s, gives us a clue as to the owner of the car. We’ve seen other pearl white Audis at A50 in recent history and all since Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler took his post at the helm of Audi. We hear the color is a particular favorite of Stadler’s, so we’re guessing the TTS is one of his personal vehicles.

Audi TTS

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Source: Fourtitude