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Porsche Boxster S: Great drive!

Porsche Boxster S
Nice driving review here of the Porsche Boxster S.

Asked for an example of what he’d done in developing the latest Boxster, Frech mentioned broadening the differentiation of the car’s three performance settings, so when I hit the foothills, I switched from Normal to Sport. The suspension tightened pleasingly, and the shifts became quicker. Locating the shift buttons on the steering wheel took some getting used to, though, and I would have preferred Ferrari-type paddles, mounted behind the steering wheel and actuated by pulling toward the driver. Instead, Porsche uses less intuitive rocker switches on the steering-wheel spokes. “We studied this very carefully, but we wanted to retain the Tiptronic button philosophy,” Porsche stylist Mitja Borkert had told me. So far, the best I could say of that philosophy was that it’s doubtless better than G. W. F. Hegel’s. But then I switched to Sport Plus.

Holy cow, it was like parachuting into a faster car. The crisp, incredibly fast downshifts were better than any human could be expected to deliver. Several years ago, early paddleshifted cars used single-clutch transmissions that were programmed to shift like professional drivers, with rev-matched downshifts and smooth engagements, but Porsche’s PDK system seamlessly leaps from one gear to the next. I doubt that the most grizzled traditionalist among the old Targa Florio drivers would have passed it up, and if I were buying a Boxster, I’d spec PDK even if the cost meant forsaking every other option.

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Source: Automobile Mag