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Porsche Carrera GT: Modded by Königseder Tuning

Porsche Carrera GT
Königseder Tuning has done some nice modding on the Porsche Carrera GT which is never out of fashion. Have a look!

Showing due respect for the car, the Königseder Tuning treatment leaves the 5.7L V10 alone – its 605hp (450kW) is enough – and focuses solely on improving aerodynamics. To do this, Königseder have fitted a series of huge air vents and a performance-tested rear diffuser to help with downforce and ventilation.

Replacing the automatic self-adjusting rear wing fitted from the factory with a larger fixed wing is a brave move, but it was done to offer maximum downforce on the rear axle in all situations. Attention was paid throughout the new body pieces at front, sides and rear to play nicely with the existing lines and characteristics of the Carrera GT, to make the car an improvement, not a re-body.

Finishing touches include custom wheels and a modified exhaust that allows the driver to choose from a near-open race setup or a quieter street-worthy option. The factory ceramic discs were left untouched, providing ample stopping power for the German thoroughbred.

Street price on one of these customs hasn’t been disclosed, but expect to pay something north of the roughly $450,000 list price the standard Carrera GT brought in 2006.

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Source: Motor Authority