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Porsche Panamera: Convertible coming?

Porsche Panamera convertible
An interview with Porsche’s development head Wolfgang Dürheimer suggests a Porsche Panamera convertible at a later stage.

Rumors about a coupe version of the Porsche Panamera were circulating before the sedan was even officially announced, and while a 928 successor has potential, a convertible version of the four-door Panamera seems downright absurd. However, according to an interview conducted by Auto Motor und Sport with Porsche development head Wolfgang Dürheimer, a drop-top Panamera is feasible – if not entirely likely. Dürheimer is quoted as saying (translated), “Currently, this topic is not on the agenda. We have other homework to do, such as the six-cylinder. And then the Panamera will also have a hybrid engine.” As expected, AMuS runs with it, saying that the Panamera convertible would pack a cloth soft-top rather than a retractable hard-top, in keeping with Porsche’s convertible 911 variants and Boxster.

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Source: Autoblog