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Porsche Panamera: Production started, free factory tours available

Porsche Panamera
Porsche has officially started the production of the Porsche Panamera and you can watch during the free factory tours.

With the car officially launching in select European markets this September and in the U.S. this November, Porsche is keen to let future customers see the complete production process at its newly upgraded Leipzig plant in Germany.

In order to accommodate the new model, Porsche reports that the Leipzig plant had to undergo a 22,000 square meter expansion that took around two years to complete. During that period, no factory tours were allowed for around eight months, but now the company will begin tours again to give visitors a chance to get up close with the newest addition to the Porsche stable.

Additionally, visitors will be able to book tours where they can then drive certain Porsche vehicles on the nearby racetrack or off-road facility themselves, or be taken for hot laps by Porsche’s own test drivers. For those that eventually decide to purchase and take ownership of their Porsche cars from the factory, the company also offers a free meal in its restaurant and a driving course for owners with a professional driving instructor.

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Source: Motor Authority