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VW Golf GT: A speedy little number

VW Golf GT
Nice driving impressions with the VW Golf GT from Australia.

Perhaps the real appeal of the Golf GT is not simply that it was almost as fast as a GTI, but that it could deliver genuine performance while still achieving good fuel economy and low emissions.

The official government combined fuel consumption figure of 7.7 litres/100km applies to the GT with either the conventional manual or DSG gearboxes.

And when you look at what else can run 0-100km/h in under eight seconds at that sort of economy, there’s not much around that isn’t a high-tech turbo-diesel. The only real catch was that, as an advanced piece of technology, the GT’s engine required a diet of 98-RON premium unleaded. It could cope with 95 now and then but regular unleaded would only be a get-you-home measure.

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Source: Drive