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VW Golf GTI: Driving report

Interesting driving report here with the new VW Golf GTI.

The biggest change goes unseen—an evolution of the GTI’s electronic pseudo differential, now called “XDS electronic transverse differential lock.” In a corner, XDS gently brakes the inside front wheel to ensure optimal traction. We were skeptical, especially because a brake-based system is not technically a differential, but our suspicions were unfounded. XDS not only rubs out any hint of torque steer, it does a remarkable job of limiting understeer—even if you mash the throttle well before the apex of a corner.

The new interior features plenty of chrome accents, a flat-bottom steering wheel, and VW’s latest touch-screen navigation system. A new acoustically damped windshield and thicker side glass attempt to cut down on cabin noise, and indeed the GTI is amazingly hushed.

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Source: Car and Driver