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VW Golf GTI: Online slot car racing game released

The GTI project
VW UK has released a very cool online slot car racing game for the launch of the VW Golf GTI. Make sure to play! It’s called The GTI Project.

The GTI Project is an online slot car game which can be quite addictive and you can literally spend hours just remembering the good old days when you were young.

I took the chance and introduced my son to the world of slot car racing, but this time in his favorable online environment. And it comes with a couple of advantages: you are controlling the 1:43 scale Golf GTI as it negotiates the hairpins, straights and narrow bridges that make up the track. There’s no need to spend hours setting it up on the living room floor, no potential damage to furniture (and family pets) should you crash at high speed.

The new VW Golf GTI is starting May 22 in UK, but you can have a lot of fun already now with the GTI Project.

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