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VW Touareg: New spy shots!

VW Touareg
Here are new spy shots of the next-generation VW Touareg!

A VW source hints at available third-row seating, but we advise you not to sell your Suburban yet, since, as in most SUVs of this type, it will be mostly symbolic in nature.

Impressively, the specification brief for the new Touareg called for up to 600 pounds to be shaved from the portly SUV, although our VW source acknowledges this target was rather optimistic, and won’t stand when the Touareg reaches showrooms. With variation depending on engine choices, we believe half of the original target to be a more realistic figure.

We suspect that VW could either permanently diminish the Touareg’s off-road capability or make it optional; the company’s engineers must have watched with dismay as customers thwarted the capabilities of the all-wheel drive hardware with their beloved 18- to 20-inch wheels. In terms of saving weight and cost, taking out some of that unused capability is nearly a no-brainer.

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Source: Car and Driver