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VW up!: Electric model coming in 2013

VW up!
The VW up! will be available with an electric option in 2013.

VW has already previewed its electric minicar in the form of 2007’s up! blue plug-in hybrid concept vehicle. The advanced concept featured a hydrogen fuel cell mated to an electric motor and lithium-ion battery array. Driving on electric power alone, the 60hp (45kW) electric motor could carry the vehicle over a distance of 65 miles, more than enough for most inner city trips. The production version is likely to feature an electric motor as its sole power source.

Before the arrival of the electric up!, however, VW will launch several other versions including a petrol-electric hybrid, MPV model and possibly even a sporty cabrio. In total, VW is hoping to sell close to 500,000 units of the up! annually.

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Source: Motor Authority