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Audi A6, Audi A8: Exclusive interview with Anthony Foulk, Audi of America, Inc.

Anthony Foulk, Audi of America, Inc.
We found this through Audi of America’s newsletter: an exclusive interview with Anthony Foulk, product manager for Audi A6 and Audi A8.

Q. What sets the Audi A6 3.0T apart from the competition?
A. The A6 is a luxury sports sedan with a unique combination of progressive design, sportiness and luxury. With the powerful new 3.0 TFSI® engine, it also has class-leading fuel economy* to go along with quattro® all-wheel drive.

Q. What most impressed you the first time you drove the A6 3.0T?
A. What’s most important to me in a car is the way it feels when you drive it. The first time I drove the new A6 3.0T, I was amazed at the way 300 horsepower and 310 foot pounds of torque felt. With this new engine and rear-biased quattro all-wheel drive, the car has the power and poise to handle almost any situation. And when it comes to handling, the revised suspension feels sporty and responsive, yet comfortable.

Q. The supercharger is back. Why is Audi championing its return?
A. Our engineers looked hard at whether turbocharging or supercharging would be best for the proven 3.2 liter Audi V6. In the end, we determined that the combination of a Roots supercharger and Audi’s FSI® direct injection was the best solution. For a V6 engine, supercharging gives the best combination of immediate take-off power, improved fuel economy and lower emissions. And, it gives us the ability to put the 3.0 TFSI in any Audi that has a V6 engine because the Roots supercharger simply sits on top of the engine
in the ‘V’.

Q. The A6 3.0T gets 26 mpg on the highway – what attributes of the vehicle allow it to be this efficient?
A. The characteristics of a supercharger allow the transmission gearing to be optimized for fuel economy while using the immediate torque for acceleration. Also, to make the 3.0 TFSI more efficient, several new technologies were developed, such as a friction-reducing graphite coating for the supercharger blades and new, more precise fuel injectors. Finally, in addition to the engine, the new A6 has an energy-recuperating alternator for improved fuel economy and a new power steering pump, which uses less energy.

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Source: Audi