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Audi: Future model plans

Have a look at how Audi’s future model plans are supposed to look like.

Audi’s other hatchback sedan, the A7 Sportback, will be unveiled well into 2010. The Audi Sportback concept unveiled in Detroit this past January provides a clear idea of what the finished product will look like. Significantly longer than the A5 Sportback and more independent in style, it will be positioned between the A6 and the A8.

Far bigger news for 2010 is the A1, a compact, three-door hatchback that shares many components with the new Volkswagen Polo. It is positioned well below the A3, which itself is due to be replaced in 2011. That year will also see the launch of a five-door A1, and the Q3—which recently was confirmed for production—a crossover based on the Golf/A3 platform and built by VW’s subsidiary SEAT in Spain. The A6 is due to be replaced at that time, as well.

So Audi has a lot on its plate until 2011. What’s next? Audi is considering its own variation of the tiny Volkswagen Up, and one possibility on that platform is an all-electric version. Another possibility is a version powered by a conventional combustion engine that could achieve well over 110 mpg in the European cycle.

Another project currently being explored is a second-generation A2.

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Source: Car and Driver