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Audi Q5: Driven

Audi Q5
Nice driving report of the Audi Q5, Audi’s latest hit.

Among them, the Audi Q5 may be the best yet. It’s one of the most handsome sport-utes, offers a real-world traction system that emphasizes on-road performance, and its cabin has enough adult space for four passengers and their suitcases and laptops and, sure enough, their 1-liter bottles of water.

Step inside the Q5, and the rich impression made by the sheetmetal is amplified by maple trim, closely coordinated leathers and plastics. The Q5’s dash can seem somewhat cluttered, but good design and delicate metallic highlights lend it a unified, rich look. It’s comfortable as well: as long or longer overall than all the competition save for the 2010 Lexus RX, the Q5 is among the widest vehicles in its class, and sports the longest wheelbase. In our driving, the Q5’s interior room provided relaxing seating for four adults, with really not much room for a fifth on the second row of seats. Seating itself is firm and leathered up, and all positions adjust at least a couple of ways for cruising comfort. Headroom is ample, and the cargo hold doesn’t suffer even when the second-row seats are reclined: four or five suitcases will fit back there.

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Source: Motor Authority