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Audi R8: In praise of Audi’s brilliant supercar

Audi R8
Nice driving report here with the Audi R8.

So when I finally wrangled my way into the R8, I did so in a fairly sceptical frame of mind. And everything I read was right and everything I thought was wrong. The R8 is brilliant. The way its goes, corners and stops is a revelation – its excellent body control, accurate steering and super-smooth powerplant make it such an easily exploitable car. I drove the manual and loved the light clutch and wristy gearshift action, but even more astounding was the beautifully damped ride quality.

The R8’s trick magnetic suspension set-up sponged away intrusions and flowed the car along the road with more skill and sophistication than any other four-door saloon in the Audi line-up. Fine visibility, a spacious and intelligently configured cabin, decent stowage space and an air of complete civility made a mockery of most supercar norms.

Everything about it just clicked – it felt beautifully cohesive and integrated. Its badge may not have supercar kudos, but everything else is spot on. It’s all the more impressive when you realise it’s well over two years old now – time has not aged the brilliant Audi R8 one jot.

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Source: Car Magazine