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Audi: Why Audi of America is cutting V6 models

Audi S4
Interesting information here why Audi of America is cutting back on V6 models with the arrival of the new Audi S4.

According to Carter, the move is simply a streamlining of the lineup. As he explained, the model with the widest-reaching ramifications from such a change must certainly be the A4. Audi’s B-segment sedan accounts for nearly 50 percent of North American sales, so Herndon doesn’t make a fundamental change to the A4 without a serious degree of investigation and thought.

As it turns out, current buying trends are moving toward the A4 2.0T. Power levels for the turbo’d four, now in its latest EA888 generation complete with Valvelift, have never been closer to that of the normally-aspirated V6. And, with a supercharged 3.0T-powered S4 just a few months away, the positioning of the 3.2 within the range was about to be pinched tighter.

Carter tells us the positioning of the S4 will be slightly adjusted within the line. As most readers know, the North American S5 retains its 4.2-liter V8 for now, so that car will be positioned in more of a premium place as compared to the S4. When the S5 switches to the 3.0T with its 2011 freshening, we suspect the A5 3.2 will also disappear. In the meantime, Audi of America is doing its best to price the S4 as competitively as possible.

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Source: Fourtitude