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Bentley Continental GT: Comparison against Mercedes-Benz CL

Bentley Continental GT
Interesting comparison here of the Bentley Continental GT against the Mercedes-Benz CL.

It’s a clash of the Titanics: two hefty German-engineered two-doors battling it out for bragging rights in the mortgage-priced coupe class.

In this corner, the Bentley Continental GT, weighing in at a staggering 5500 pounds. It’s a steamer locomotive of a coupe, though, with a twin-turbo W-12 engine pumping out more than 550 horsepower–and that’s before you tune it to Speed trim, or shear off the top to make it a Conti GTC. At a base price of $179,200, this British bomber has a Volkswagen-engineered heart, four-wheel drive, a big appetite for fuel and an uncanny way of feeling like the cigar bar at the Ritz-Carlton, if you could hurl it into the atmosphere without spilling a drop of cognac.

In the other corner, another German two-door with unparalleled road-covering capability. Here, it’s the 5000-pound Mercedes-Benz CL-Class, and instead of one drivetrain, it comes with your choice of four–two different V-8s or two different V-12s, with an automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. It’s less bespoke than the Bentley, but the suave good looks wear well in any season–and there’s enough technology wadded up inside to launch it to speeds that match the Bentley, tenth of a second for tenth of a second.

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Source: The Car Connection