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Bentley Continental GTC Speed: Driving review

Bentley Continental GTC Speed
Nice driving review here of the Bentley Continental GTC Speed.

It’s all due to a 6.0-liter, twin-turbocharged, W-12 engine teamed to an all-wheel-drive system and a six-speed automatic shifter. The engine is a unique design, and one that’s hugely powerful. In standard Conti GT cars, it issues 552hp (390kW), locomotive numbers that push the 5500-pound Continental to 60 mph in less than 5.1 seconds in all versions. In the GTC Speed, lighter engine components and some turbo tweaks boost power to an even 600hp (448kW). One press of the red “Start” button on its wood-paneled, chrome-crusted dash lets on that something’s gone astray underhood in a good way: there’s an offbeat lumber in its idle, one that pours out torque with just a little feathering on the throttle. Channeling it all is a six-speed, paddle-shifted sequential automatic that’s pretty invisible in its action. A Sport shift mode speeds up seamless gearchanges, pushing power around the four wheels through all-wheel drive and a Torsen differential. With all that heft, and all that heavy petting on the gas pedal, it’s more shocking that fuel economy can be as good as 10mpg city, 17mpg highway.

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Source: Motor Authority