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Bugatti Veyron: Just $25K … for a day!

Bugatti Veyron
In case you are looking into renting a Bugatti Veyron this might come handy for you.

A Berkshire-based leasing company called Holders Vehicle Contracts has at its disposal the world’s fastest, priciest production car. The car that demanded months of negotiation before even the Stig was allowed to drive it. The car that needs a special set of tires to cope with its maximum speed. The car that Jenson Button himself is tooling around in when he’s not winning back-to-back Grand Prix.

But now we can all have a go. Well some of us at any rate. That $25,000 daily outlay notwithstanding, you also need to be able to put down $160,000 as a deposit.

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Source: TopGear