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Porsche Carrera GT: RS Spyder-based successor in the works?

Porsche RS Spyder
Street word has it that Porsche is working on a RS Spyder based successor of the Porsche Carrera GT.

If the RS Spyder does go road-legal, it will probably be in the neighborhood of 400hp (298kW) and 2,200lb (1,000kg) – right on par with the outgoing Carerra GT in power-to-weight ratio, but ultimately higher-performing due to its lighter weight. A production engine from Porsche’s existing lineup will also likely be sourced to replace the race-spec model.

The carbon fiber tub chassis and running gear are expected to carry over from the race car, though the suspension will be detuned for bumpy city streets and the body and cockpit will be similarly relaxed to allow for more creature comforts. The two-seat roadster layout would be retained, however, and molded into a more street-able and onlooker-friendly form, as the sleek and flowing lines of the preview rendering demonstrate.

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Source: Motor Authority