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Porsche Panamera: All you need to know about its technology

Porsche Panamera
If you want to know everything about the technology from the Porsche Panamera, then look no further. Just read on.

The Panamera is long, wide and low. Overall length is 195.6 in., width is 76.0 in., and it stands just 55.8-in. tall. Wheelbase is 115.0 in., enough to allow a generous front to rear seat couple, critical for ensuring the car comfortably accommodates four adults. The body shell is knitted together from a number of metals. High strength steels, including Boron-alloyed (shown in red), polyphase (orange), and micro-alloyed (yellow) are used to create an ultra-stiff passenger safety cell. The voluptuous rear fenders are very deep draw stampings, which meant they had to be steel (green). At the front is an aluminum subframe (blue) designed to manage front impact loads. The hood, rear hatch, and fenders are also aluminum, as are the doors, which have ultra-lightweight magnesium frames (turquoise). Despite the extensive use of lightweight materials, the Panamera is still a substantial car – the base, two wheel drive S weighs 3969lbs, the all-wheel drive 4S 4101lbs, and the Turbo 4344lbs.

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Source: Motor Trend