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Porsche Panamera: Driving report

Porsche Panamera
Another driving report of the Porsche Panamera. Read on.

The Panamera is physically more substantial in person than it appears in pictures. By the tape, it is slightly larger than the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63. Its overall length is 195.7 inches (2.7 inches longer than the CLS 63), and the Porsche rides on a 115-inch wheelbase (2.6 inches longer than the Mercedes). Its stance is significantly wider too. The front track is 65.2 inches (up 2.2 inches) and the rear is 64.8 inches (up 2.5 inches).

The four-seat design, with tapered back rests and integrated head restraints, is instantly recognizable as classic Porsche. Unusual at first site, it almost appears as if the automaker has installed its unique front seats in all four passenger positions. The advantage to this layout is immediately apparent as all seating positions are extremely comfortable and supportive, with or without the optional sport seats. As an added benefit, passengers in the rear don’t feel relegated to “coach.”

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Source: Autoblog