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Porsche Panamera: Now with 16-speaker audio system by Burmester

Porsche Panamera with Burmester
The Porsche Panamera will be available with a 16-speaker audio system by Burmester. Nice!

Each speaker in the custom system has its own separate amplifier, which can range from just 25 watts for the tweeter to a 300 watt subwoofer in the trunk. There is also an air-motion tweeter in the dashboard, and each amplifier is analog rather than digital for ultimate sound quality.

The result of all this technology is a sound experience second to none – and considering that it took the Burmester team around five years of tinkering around in a Cayenne to hone the art of in-car audio, the effort seems to have paid off with Porsche endorsing the technology after a demonstration from the company’s engineers.

For all that audio know-how, however, customers will be paying a pretty penny, with Burmester asking close to €5,000 ($7,000) for the basic system.

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Source: Motor Authority