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VW BlueSport Concept: Driving report!

VW BlueSport Concept
Now, here’s something special: a driving report with the VW BlueSport Concept which is rumored to be the base for an Audi R2 and a Porsche Spyder.

What’s the Bluesport like on the road then?

Surprisingly good – it feels absolutely rock solid and creak free on the move, with crisp steering, responsive brakes and a decent suspension set-up. The 258lb ft has no trouble in shifting the concept’s 1300 kilos (the production car will weigh closer to 1.2 tonnes) and the big brakes easily pull the Bluesport to a pause.

The big wheels cause it to tramline a little, but overall the allegedly unfinished car provides a remarkably smooth and balanced drive. It’s a beautifully balanced car.
And inside?

A joy – it’s minimalist, but it doesn’t feel meagre either thanks to the easy-to-use touch-screen MMI and climate control dials that glow blue or red depending on the temperature you set. The driving position is low, but there’s plenty of leg and elbow room, and the black leather-trimmed seats are very comfortable.

The bright orange roof is also a thing of beauty, weighs only 27kg, and despite the mid-engined layout and cubby for the folding hood, there’s 112 litres of storage space in the nose and another 70 in the rear.

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Source: Car Magazine