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VW of America: Clean diesels have best sales month

VW Jetta TDI
Sales of clean diesels are increasing for VW of America. Good choice!

Overall, sales of the Jetta were up 27.6 percent in May and it appears that most of that gain was due to the new Sportwagen and TDI versions. The 2009 Jetta TDI was the first tier 2 bin 5 compliant clean diesel car to make it to market last year when the first examples went on sale in August. The diesel versions of the Jetta have always been popular when they have been available in the U.S. and this new one was no exception.

In May, TDI sales had their best month yet at 3,862 cars sold, accounting for over 36 percent of Jetta sales.

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Source: Autoblog Green