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VW Passat CC: Received IIHS top pick award

VW Passat CC
The VW Passat CC has received an important award: the IIHS top pick!

Advanced vehicle systems like stability control, ABS and traction control have become so common that we often gloss over them in a car’s spec sheet, but they are important innovations for safety. Volkswagen’s CC has taken that to heart, outfitting a core complement of technologies that have helped it secure the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick award.

The basics – ESP, ABS, brake assist and traction control – are all accounted for on all 2009 Volkswagen CCs. The entire VW lineup for 2009 features ESP as standard, but bringing all of these systems together gives the CC the edge. Standard side airbags in 2009 models also helped to push the car over the top.

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Source: Motor Authority