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VW Polo: Driving report

VW Polo
Another driving report with the VW Polo, this time from Australia.

The first things you notice are the big step up in cabin presentation and quality, and the on-road refinement of the new car. Even with the diesel engine under the bonnet, the Polo is surprisingly quiet.

The BlueMotion diesel is the most frugal offering in the Polo range. It drives very similar to the regular turbo diesel but uses technologies such as start/stop to further reduce fuel consumption. Following the advisory gearshift change points on the dashboard did take a little bit of getting used to as it advises you to change up a lot earlier than you normally would and use the low-down torque of the engine to pull you up through the gears. The start-stop system works the same as most other systems on sale overseas – turning off the engine when you come to a stop and restarting as soon as you push the clutch pedal.

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Source: Drive