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Audi A5 Sportback: Comes with Bang&Olufsen sound system

Audi A5 Sportback
Expect to have great sound in your upcoming Audi A5 Sportback, courtesy of Bang&Olufsen.

Combining the perfect listening experience with the perfect driving experience has always been the goal of the collaboration between Audi and Bang & Olufsen. And once again the two partners have come up with a unique sound system in a matchless car. Being a 5 door coupe, the new Audi A5 Sportback will be easier to access than its A5 sibling, but thanks to the elegant interior and the amazing sound from the integrated Bang & Olufsen Sound System, it will be hard to leave again.

The Bang & Olufsen Sound System for the Audi A5 Sportback is based on a fine line of sound systems, and now it is developed even further to match the personality of this unique car. Like its precursors, this innovative audio system offers the perfect combination of sound and vision with its strong performance, integrated operation and dynamic design that matches the sporty look and feel of the Audi A5 Sportback perfectly.

Music is an indispensable part of modern life, which means that good sound reproduction is more important than ever. With the sound system for the A5 Sportback, there is no compromise in this respect. Surrounding the driver and passengers with sound from its 14 speakers, the 505 watt system completes the driving experience much as the unique design of the aluminium rings integrated in the speaker grills merge seamlessly with the cool interior of the A5 Sportback.

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Source: Fourtitude