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Audi: No "green" brand in Australia

Audi will not launch a green brand in Australia.

“What we are currently not looking at in Australia is launching a sub-brand of ‘e’ at the moment, definitely not,” confirmed Audi Australia marketing manager Immo Buschmann. “We feel that the products we currently offer are adequate and good for the market and are exactly what the customers are looking for.”

Buschmann said that the concept of paying a price premium for fuel saving technology featured on ‘e’ models – start-stop, energy recuperation, taller gear ratios, low rolling resistance tyres and tweaked aerodynamics – worked against it at the moment.

“The ‘e’ concept has a lot of technological elements within it that the customer has to pay more money for and at the moment I don’t think we are at the point where everyone thinks they have to have an ‘e’ model.”

However, he confirmed the situation was being monitored and could change.

“As soon as we see that the demand for this ‘e’ strategy allows us to bring in the A4 TDIe and A6 TDIe we will have them in the market.”

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Source: Drive