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Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Clean Diesel: How to integrate your iPhone

Very nice report and video here how to integrate your iPhone into the Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Clean Diesel. Can it be any better?

I’d read in a blog post by Guy Kawasaki that pairing his iPhone and the Q7 TDI he was testing out for a couple months couldn’t have been easier. Having seen that report, I was excited about trying it out myself.

And Kawasaki was right. A quick configuration and a recognition by my iPhone of the car’s Bluetooth, and I was connected. From then on, anytime I was in the Q7 with my iPhone, it automatically connected, as I could see instantly from the five bars and the Bluetooth logo that would show up on the car’s main multimedia interface. In fact, since my iPhone was usually hidden away in a pouch in my backpack, I could tell when its battery had died by the fact that the Bluetooth logo had disappeared.

Dialing numbers is a little tricky–the first time. The car doesn’t have a touch screen, so you can’t tap out numbers. Instead you have to dial them in, one by one, with a round dial in the center console. But once you’ve entered a number, you can redial it simply by pushing a “mode” button on the steering wheel that you can easily reach with your left thumb, and then, also with your left thumb, a small scroll wheel when the interface is on your previously dialed numbers.

When you hit the number you want to dial, you click the scroll wheel and it dials, pumping in over the car’s audio system. You generally have to turn the volume way up (by scrolling the volume wheel with your right thumb), but I’ve had dozens of very clear phone conversations in the car without having to move either of my hands at all on the wheel, or, really, my eyes from the road.

And that’s pretty cool.

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Source: CNet