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Audi: Review of the greatest quattros!

Audi quattro
Auto Express has an awesome compilation about the greatest quattros ever. A must read for every Audi fan!

Audi UR Quattro
One of the first passenger cars to feature four wheel drive, the UR Quattro’s engine, looks and handling propelled it to legendary status

Audi Sport Quattro
The 2.1-litre engine in the Sport Quattro produces 307bhp and shoots it to 60mph in 4.8 seconds. Not bad for 1984, or now for that matter

Audi S2 Coupe
Smoother S2 was a major departure from original Quattro.

Audi RS2 Avant
Porsche and Audi joined forces and engineered the 315bhp RS2 Avant. Less than 3000 were made and even fewer were RHD.

Audi R8
Fantastic handling, outstanding performance and looks that stop traffic, the R8 is an outstanding car

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Source: Auto Express