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Audi RS6: Brutal elegance

Audi RS6
Very interesting review of the Audi RS6 including great photography!

Even this appearance. Sporty, but still elegant. At the front on the wide black-guards: the RS6 logo. To provide enough air, the inlets in the front have been enlarged. The fog light now sits alongside the Xenon headlights. This benefits the air flow in the front apron, which was also newly designed.

Together with the wider fenders and the daytime running lights, consisting of ten Led’s, the RS6 announces himself very present in the rear-view mirror of each left-track blocker. In order to save weight, the front fenders and the engine hood are made of aluminium.

Also, the side view is dynamic. Apart from the sporting side, the citizens of Ingolstadt tear with standard 19-inch, optional with 20-inch aluminium wheels, if applicable. The stern also has been optimized. In addition to a broad diffuser, at the left and right oval exhaust tailpipes are used. The luggage compartment is integrated in the flap rear spoiler and ensures reduced lift on the road.

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Source: Mario Roman