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Bugatti Royale: Full rendering

Bugatti Royale
We found a full rendering of the Bugatti Royale. Nice!

It’s one of two Bugattis pencilled into the product development cycle between now and 2018 – and the supersaloon is set to replace the Veyron, which is nearing the end of its 300-strong limited production run.

Bugatti’s new saloon will sport the Veyron’s W16, but mounted up front instead of amidships as in the 253mph sports coupé and roadster. Direct injection could figure this time, however, and the limo is tipped to be rear-wheel drive, making it the first modern Bug to eschew 4wd.

The sturdy Ricardo-developed seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox is also carried over on the new C21 Royale. The Veyron’s drivetrain has cost so much to develop, that the bean counters insist on reusing as much as possible rather than re-engineering everything.

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Source: Car Magazine