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Mansory Bugatti LIENA Vincero: Upgrade sets you back $1 Mio

Mansory Bugatti LIENA Vincero
If you are looking into upgrading your Bugatti Veyron, you need to have a big wallet. The Mansory Bugatti LIENA Vincero upgrade costs you $1 Mio.

So who’s going to buy this car? Well, the LINEA Vincero was created in partnership with Mansory’s Middle East partner “Prestige Cars Abu Dhabi.”Exactly – people who have the ability to throw down additional money on their Veyron to have the right to say “my Bugatti is tricked out by Mansory.”

The small visual changes and performance upgrades cost an eye-popping $985,776 – the car itself costs close to $2 million.

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Source: eGM Cartech