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Porsche 911 GT2: Review of the Switzer Performance P800

Switzer Performance P800
Nice mod here of the Porsche 911 GT2 called Switzer Performance P800.

This is a moment too powerful to be taken lightly, too special to be considered ironically, too vital to examine with any pretense of journalistic impartiality. I am seated behind the wheel of an absolutely perfect, fully-loaded, brand-new Porsche GT2, unwinding the wheel at the exit of Nelson Ledges Road Course’s Carousel turn. Next to me, the car’s owner, entrepreneur and bon vivant David Kim, has planted himself squarely into the GT2’s fixed-back passenger-side bucket, rigid with anticipation. There is traffic ahead, several cars varying from Improved Touring racers to tuned-up street Hondas. It’s time to accelerate, so I press the right pedal into the carpet.

There’s a “whoosh”, and a chatter from the traction control, and the cars between us and the deadly “Kink” turn are rewound past our side windows. We’ve reached one hundred and fifty miles an hour in a matter of seconds. The closing speeds are verging on the insane. As I stand on the ABS and bend the GT2’s nose into the Kink, a wave in the pavement throws the GT2 briefly airborne. The mass of the rear engine waggles, threatens, then touches safely down with a squeak from the tires.

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Source: The Truth About Cars