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Porsche 911: Ruf Rt12 S delivers up to 685bhp

Porsche 911 Ruf Rt12 S
Nice mod here of the Porsche 911 called Ruf Rt12 S and it comes with up to 685bhp.

Based on the 997 Porsche 911, we first saw that model half a decade ago and now Ruf has seen fit to update the car with a special ‘performance-oriented’ version named the Ruf Rt12 S. While the standard Ruf Rt12 can have its power bumped up to an impressive 650hp (485kW), the new S model can be optioned with up to 685hp (511kW) being cranked out of its twin-turbo boxer engine. Meanwhile, torque figures hover close to the 664lb-ft (900Nm) mark, making the Ruf Rt12 S blisteringly quick off the line.

While performance figures are hard to come by considering the extremely custom manner in which Ruf builds these vehicles for its customers, there were rumors that with the right gearing the standard Ruf Rt12 could hit over 225mph (362km/h) at full grunt while the 0-62mph (0-100km/h) could be dispensed within close to 3 seconds.

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Source: Motor Authority