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Porsche Supersport: In the works?

Porsche Supersport
We have reported about this earlier, but rumors are getting more intense about a new Porsche supercar based on the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.

Our source with ties to Stuttgart tells us next year to expect a limited edition Porsche 911 C4S-based widebody Supersport, complete with duck-tail spoiler and double bubble roof.

This rumor, may be loosely confirmed by a second source — if we’re counting a TeamSpeed forum post stating the same bits of information we’ve received. While not as hardcore as the GT3 or GT3 RS, the Carrera Supersport will retain the same C4S-based widebody, but will be considered a grand touring car rather more so than the aforementioned brightly colored track rats. We currently know that it will feature Fuchs-style wheels, a double bubble roof, a ducktail spoiler and will feature a primer gray colored paint job. The interior will feature a retro throwback brown leather interior.

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Source: Jalopnik