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VW Passat Ling Yu: First drive report

VW Passat Ling Yu
Interesting driving report here with the VW Passat Ling Yu. Have a look!

The Passat gets an 88 kW electric motor located on the front axle. It’s powered by a stack of batteries beneath the rear seats, which are in turn juiced up by a 55 kW hydrogen fuel cell stack in the floor of the car. With 155 lb-ft of pull, the Ling Yu gets to 62 mph in 15 seconds, has a top speed of about 90 mph and a range of up to 146 miles. The CFCP figures that no hydrogen car will be ready for retail until it gets 300 miles between fill-ups, and the fuel cells themselves need to last 150,000 miles. They may be right, but on our visit, we wouldn’t be going anywhere near that far.

Get in the Passat and… it’s a Passat. Brown, spacious VW-ness. To turn the key is to call a mid-range, turbine-like whine into being. If the A/C is on and the car needs a little goose, the compressor will come on. Otherwise, that’s it. If you’re conversing wit

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Source: Autoblog Green