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Audi A8: More information about next generation MMI

Audi A8
Have a look at these additional photos of the new MMI inside the next-generation Audi A8.

Three new images show the placement and functionality of the pad itself and how this will be shown in the graphic user interface.

The touchpad itself is quite interesting. In addition to being able to write letters into the system, it will also be backlit with numbers 1 through 6 when in radio mode to depict preset radio stations. In the Sportback, it was positioned close enough to the gear gater that the Park and Revers ‘P’ and ‘R’ position marks also back lit through the pad to save space.

More upgrades continue as per L’Automobile. Voice commands will apparently work in finding a specific address and or song via devices like an iPod. The flip-down screen will now be 8-inches instead of 7 and will also have access to Google.

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Source: Fourtitude