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Audi R8: Two race cars up for sale!

Audi R8
If you are looking for the ultimate Audi R8, now is your chance. Two Audi R8 race cars are up for sale!

After a development and test period of about 18 months, has Dutch based company Creventic achieved its goal with their CR8-project and offers both Audi R8 race versions for sale or rent on arrive & drive basis.

The goal to build a fantastic race version of the Audi R8 with the performance of a Porsche GT3 is more than achieved. After the last race, 24hDubai2009, were the best laptime of 2.10 was achieved the car is further developed and completely rebuild and ready to race. Before this, the R8 race version was already competing against the Porsches during the 12h of Hungary, October 2008.

The race version is considerable developed and tested and has apart from all FIA-requirements a complete carbon body work including a carbon wing a carbon splitter, carbon floor and carbon diffuser.

The chassis is widened to 2 meter, it not only gives the R8 an even more race look, but also the drivability is strongly improved and according to professionals it’s a pleasure to drive this car.

Both race versions of the R8 are equipped with 18inch BBS racing rims, carbon interior, AIM dash and datalogger.
The “full option” version is also equipped with a sequential 6speed gearbox, a central wheel nut system a 120 Litre FIA tank and also the cooling system is significant improved with a central race radiator.

Additional to the “full option” version a second R8 is build, this race version of the R8 is even more attractive priced due to the fact it has not all options. Although on customer request all options can be delivered.

Audi R8 sale prices
Race version Audi R8: 130.000EUR
Full option race Audi R8: 150.000EUR
Optional at lot of spare parts are already available for both cars in total value of approx. 50.000EUR
In case both car will be bought together we can offer a total price of 275.000EUR (including spare parts with value of 50.000EUR).

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Source: Fourtitude