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Audi RS5: Fresh spy shots!

Audi RS5
We found some fresh spy shots of the upcoming Audi RS5, awaited for the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The RS5 will be restrained but muscular and the only aspect that is hidden is the box arches that hark back to the original Quattro and recent RS6.

The RS5 is likely to get the 4.2-litre V8 motor from the recent RS4, retuned to give more power with lower emissions.

The Audi RS5 will use a quattro drivetrain with Audi’s double-clutch S-tronic transmission, the first time an Audi RS product has featured twin-clutch technology.

The RS5 employs what Audi calls active aerodynamics, including a deployable rear spoiler. It will also be fitted with uprated drilled-disc brakes.

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Source: Autocar