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Audi S4: A stealth fighter

Audi S4
Very nice review here of the Audi S4.

Or you can go for Audi’s latest guided missile whose muscle is modestly clad, whose supercharged V6 engine, drive train, suspension and traction tricks are the very latest, and yet, with the safety-catch on, is still a car that can be used for shopping, school runs or just, well, going to the office
With the safety catch on, the S4 is fine for shopping, school run or going to the office.

We’re talking the latest version of the Audi S4 V6T 3.0 FSI quattro four-door sedan and you could buy three of them, plus a Cuore and Chery to drive the Ferrari owners nuts, for the price of an R8 V10 and I promise you you’ll still be having fun with the S4 long after the novelty of a Daiha… sorry, an R8, has worn off for Johnny Tanned Toned Perfect Teeth.

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