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Audi S4: Ingolstadt lightning

Audi S4
Great driving report here of the Audi S4 which is called “Ingolstadt lightning”.

WHAT happens if you take a well-proven performance engine, lop off two cylinders and reduce the capacity by 1.2litres? Logically, performance should drop proportionately, but not in the case of Audi’s new S4. In fact, it is just the opposite.

The last S4 was a 4.2l V8 that delivered 253kW and 410Nm of torque, and gave a fuel figure of 13l /100km, so the backroom boys in Ingolstadt decided to improve on that. The new power plant is a 2995cc TFSI supercharged V6 that pushes out 245kW between 5500 and 7000r/min with a torque figure of 440Nm between 2900 and 5300r/min. So it is slightly down on power, but significantly up in the torque stakes. But perhaps the most astonishing statistics are the emission and consumption figures. Emissions are down from 321 to 225g/km and fuel consumption from 13.3 to a frugal 9.4l /100km. That’s progress!

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Source: Business Day