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Bentley: Bentley Drivers Club 60th anniversary meeting

Nice photo collection from the Bentley Drivers Club 60th anniversary meeting. Great classics!

Perhaps equal to our raging jealousy is our fascination at the lineup of cars on hand for the 60th meet up. A few favorites: 1928 Speed Six, 1933 Napier-Railton (with a 24-liter, 550 hp W12 — no front-wheel brakes, either), 1949 MkVI Special, 1990 Turbo R and the Le Mans winning, 600 hp, 217 mph 2003 Speed 8. If none of those float your boat, check your pulse concentrate on the fact that one of the scratch races saw 25 Bentleys of all vintages going wheel to wheel with Michael Higginbotham’s MkVI Special coming out on top.

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Source: Autoblog