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Bentley Mulsanne: Chassis no. 1 auctioned for $500,000

Check the video of the first Bentley Mulsanne ever auctioned off for $500,000.

The Mulsanne is touted as the first Bentley designed and produced entirely at the company’s Crewe headquarters in England since the legendary 1920’s-era 8-liter Bentley, and to mark the occasion, Gooding wheeled W.O. Bentley’s own personal ride, the second 8-liter chassis ever made, onto the stage before bidding began. Gooding opened the bids for Mulsanne #1 at $500,000, but after receiving no bids at that price, bidding quickly stepped down to $300k, only to climb back up to the half-million mark where it sold to an undisclosed collector over the phone.

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Source: Autoblog