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Bugatti, Lamborghini: Coming to Gran Turismo 5

Bugatti and Lamborghini cars will soon be available in Gran Turismo 5.

The first ones to take advantage of this deal will be pre-order customers of Gran Turismo for the PSP as a Bugatti and a Lamborghini cars are among the bonus content. It is expected that this deal will also include the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 for Playstation 3, judging by the a hint in the official Sony blog:

“And as you can imagine, this won’t be the last Lamborghini in a Gran Turismo game, either,” Senior Product Marketing Manger Stephanie Yoshimoto commented. With Ferrari automobiles already being available since Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, the GT series now features pretty much all major sports car makers with the exception of Porsche.

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Source: VirtualR